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A fun engaging on-your-feet workshop

Learn in the company of others who want to overcome their fears and become strong confident presenters

£80 + Vat*

9am - 5pm

Money back 


Highly experiential

£80 + VAT*

*Discounts available for charities and groups

Lunch & Refreshments


Improve your confidence and skill in presenting 


Reduce the nerves that can affect a presenter


Know how to get the results you’d love to get


Realise that you already have a wealth of stories and information that you can use to make a great presentation 


Realise how easy it is to put together a good presentation


Learn to create and deliver a business presentation which is interesting, clear and persuasive. 


Discover how to prepare and practice your presentation so you too can achieve success


Look forward to presenting to, and influencing, your prospects, customers, colleagues and seniors.


Begin to feel good about your presentation skills and confidence 


Start to become the presenter you want to become 

“The course was really helpful. Initially I had no confidence in my ability to present and I was feeling very nervous. I quickly realised that I could do it as the trainer showed us how to create a structure and then to use a story to bring it alive. I’ve since gone on to become a very confident presenter”.

Tara Pickles 

Founder - Linford Marketing Group

What does the course cover?

The 3 keys to looking confident, even though you may not feel it!


How to tell an interesting story, with a point


The difference that energy makes


Why having a good structure is one of the keys to a great presentation 


Which presentation structure to use, and when to be creative


The value of a Talk Map, which you can create in a matter of minutes


Create and deliver 4 short presentations during the day


Learn how to make an impactful opening in 1 minute, making your audience feel ‘we have to hear this…’


Choose from 6 powerful closes for any presentation


Becoming more persuasive, even compelling, as a speaker


Realise how easily you can affect your audience through your body language and your tone of voice, as well, of course, with your words!


Get immediate feedback from your peers on your presentation style, so you can choose to make some changes if you wish


Receive lots of encouragement and guidance from your sympathetic, positive and experienced trainer


Have some fun!

“All great presenters were poor presenters once; they’ve all had to learn the secrets of great presenting” - Mark Twain, American author

So, how does it work?


During the day’s training you’ll do 4 presentations. This means that a lot of the confidence and experience you’ll be gaining will be on your feet. And you’ll be watching the other participants present so you’ll be getting good ideas from the way they present, as well as feedback from them when you present.

You choose what presentation you want to create, whether it’s sales, boardroom report or team talk

We’ll take you through it step by step – the trainer for each programme is chosen for the quality of their experience as a trainer, a presenter and a businessperson. They’re also passionate about people, so even though everyone’s different they’ll know how to bring out the best in you.

Through helping you to create and deliver 4 short presentations during the day we’ll show you the keys to an effective business presentation.


All the time you’re on your feet we’ll be giving you support and feedback as to what you’re doing well – your natural talents – and giving you the option as to what you choose to change in your presentation style or content.


And with the tried and tested Presentation Skills Training Process that we’ve developed over the last 35 years we know that you will find each step easily achievable – and that you’ll actually look forward to getting out in front.


Each of your presentations will be recorded onto a personal SD video card which you’ll review with a fellow delegate over the day. Many participants say that this is one of the most useful aspects of the course.  

You’ll be working on your own business material and – here’s the great part – there’s no preparation whatsoever needed for the course. We believe that you know enough already; it’s our job just to bring it out in you!

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