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How to create a

Talk Map

If you want to deliver a powerful and different presentation, our suggestion is to create a Talk Map of ideas. This is a variation of Tony Buzan’s Mind Map approach. It gives you the opportunity to choose from lots of ideas and for you to create a structure that works for both you and the audience. 

Step 1 – Write the title of presentation in the centre of the page – use the page in landscape format

Step 2 – Around the title write out as many of the main ideas you can think of that will help you to make your point.
Step 3 – Develop each main idea with as many minor points that you can think of. As you write each point make a note about stories, examples, figures or illustrations that you could use to support that point. 
Step 4 – Now select the main ideas and the minor points that you will use in the presentation. Cross out those you will not use. Then decide the order in which you’ll present the main ideas and the minor points. Number them in that order. 
Step 5 – List the main ideas and the minor points on another clean sheet of paper in the order you have decided. This then is the outline of your presentation to which you can add an Opening and a Close.

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