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Unique 2-day programme designed for managers and team leaders to help them exercise strong leadership and positive communication skills in challenging situations

What impact do your managers and team leaders make as leaders in the business?

  • Do they make themselves heard when they speak?

  • Do they speak at the right time? 

  • Do they ask questions and listen when it’s appropriate to do that?

We engaged Walter to develop and deliver a bespoke leadership course for the senior leadership team of Paint Pots children’s nurseries. Our aims in doing this were to build a more coherent management team identity, to develop vision, purpose and individual confidence, assertiveness and the ability to delegate effectively. Over the course of 4 full days, supported by practice and assignments in between sessions, Walter inspired, enthused and motivated the team, exceeding our expectations of what might be achieved. The growth we witnessed in individuals was remarkable and the development of the team was quite profound. We appreciated Walter taking the time to understand our organisation’s values and ethos and the way in which he tailored his style and content to meet our needs. We would recommend Walter unreservedly as a facilitator.    


David Wright


Owner - Paint Pots Nurseries, Southampton

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This unique 2-day programme is designed to be of high practical value to managers and team leaders to help them exercise strong leadership and positive communication skills in challenging situations.

Using short inputs, guidance and positive feedback the 2 experienced trainers coach participants to be strong and positive in their leadership and communication. The Programme is highly interactive with each participant presenting to the whole group at least 5 times over the 2 days, as well as being involved in 1 to 1 and small group situations.

Participants explore ways in which they can enhance and develop their own personal presence and impact.

The training concentrates on communication style including mental attitude and focus, clarity of key messages, vocal impact, body language and audience engagement.

Being aware of the needs of the audience, whether it’s a group or one-to-one, is also a key element of the training and participants report that better listening skill is one of the outcomes. Participants typically say that the simple but practical and effective models demonstrated are memorable and very helpful in dealing with the day-to-day situations that they face.

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Contents of the course:
  • Creation of a personal leadership vision

  • Powerful presentation – use of story, making a point, creating a benefit, strong starts and powerful closing

  • Handling Question and Answer sessions honestly and positively

  • The power of language and the filters that we all use – becoming more positive in asking for what we want – not what we don’t want

  • Awareness of the relative importance of body language, voice tone and words and that they’re all important at different times

  • Making a powerful impression on first meeting

  • What we say, how we say it, what we do, how we do it, and how we look as major elements in influencing others

  • Active listening – influencing others through good listening

  • Effect of the ‘comfort zone’ – appreciating what that’s like for others and helping them to move outside

  • Helping others move away from negative thinking

  • Managing difficult meetings – both group and 1 to 1

  • Running a creative problem-solving meeting

  • Effectively handling general enquiries from those more senior

  • Giving positive honest feedback to others

  • Being able to review and reflect on one’s own performance

  • Planning for personal change


Managers report positive, powerful and noticeable changes in the areas of:

  • greater presence and confidence

  • improved personal impact in one to one and group situations

  • better outcomes in meetings

  • handling difficult situations more confidently

  • more engaging, successful presentations, seated and standing

And that benefits to:

  • their leadership image and credibility

  • their team motivation

  • the positive results created for themselves and through others

  • the business overall

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