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Our job is not to impress you with our presenting skills; our job is to train, coach and inspire you to do the best you can do. Your success is our goal.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll help you to do that. If you choose our programmes or coaching you will work with one or more of these great trainers.

We are a team who are passionate about presenting. We’re very experienced in presenting at all levels whether it’s at an informal team meeting; more formally at Board level; in a multi-million pound sales pitch; or giving an inspirational keynote speech.

Much more importantly we have over 30 years experience in training and coaching people to be great presenters.

Walter Blackburn

Walter has trained thousands of business people to be better presenters over the last 35 years. He is also a passionate trainer of trainers. His early speaking experience was through the Dale Carnegie Course which he taught for 15 years. Simultaneously he ran his own training business working for many of the major corporates as well as much smaller businesses. Having struggled himself with presentations in his early career he understands how difficult it can be for some people. He has designed a world-leading presentation approach that allows people to grow in confidence as speakers sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Pippa Lee

Pippa has had an extraordinary 15 year career in sales and sales management culminating in a role with a global sales and marketing organisation in which she presented several times a week to audiences of up to 10,000 people. This led her to focus on presentation skills training which she has done in Europe, the Far East and North and South America. Her unique style, coming from a deep understanding of sales and presentation psychology coupled with her love of helping people ‘find their voice’, creates a warm and enthusiastic response from participants. As a life-coach she has developed her own brand of coaching – ‘Pipossibility’

Phil Hawthorn

Phil specialises in presentation skills, team dynamics and leadership. His energy, creativity and love of people make him ideally suited to training. He loves making the training real and easy for people. His 20 years corporate business experience combined with 16 years as a trainer mean that people like to work with him because he understands the pressures that they face and can help them to see things differently. He’s happy to set-up and run large conference events and is in demand as a key-note speaker. His other passion is cooking and he’s an author of a book “Can Men Cook?”


Colette Johnson

Colette has trained thousands of people over the past 20 years in sales, leadership and presentation skills. She has a bright and friendly personality which quickly engages the group and creates a positive learning environment. With a background of sales, telesales, and management in high profile commercial organisations she makes sure that her training is based in reality and that participants translate the learning into real results for the business. Colette has designed and delivered training programmes in a variety of private and public sector organisations within the UK and throughout Europe. Clients include the NHS, Hitachi, Lloyd’s of London and Auto Trader.


Tony Robinson

Tony’s enthusiasm for training is both boundless and legendary with his creativity coming a close second. Over the last 18 years he’s worked with people at all levels, and is a master at helping people create and deliver great presentations. He’s an excellent sales trainer and with his experience of presentation skills training this fits him ideally to train people in our Major Bid Presentation Programme. He is a highly requested speaker at sales conferences and has been engaged to speak at events across the UK, Europe, China, Russia and the USA.

Mike Kean

Mike was a engineer, salesperson and sales manager before he turned to training 20 years ago. In his time he has run a foundry employing over 200 people and developed a successful franchise for control systems: he understands business as well as people. He believes his style of training is both creative and person-centred and having trained people in many countries including Africa, the Far East, the Middle East and Eastern Europe so he understands the effect that cultural differences can have on a presentation. He is a sought-after speaker on leadership, presentation and people skills and his listeners describe him as charismatic.

Alan Elston

Alan is a powerful and experienced trainer and coach of presentation skills. He also loves creating and hosting events and is at his best under pressure. As well as working with Presenting Success he runs his own programme, “The Pitch Apprentice”, which we offer as an option for sales and account management teams who enjoy the strongly competitive environment. Al has 15 years experience working on pitches, presentations and events at senior level. He has worked with executives in Microsoft, Vodafone and Logica.


David Pinnock

David has 20 years experience of designing and delivering presentation skills training for leading training companies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Henley Management College. Having worked internationally in Europe, Asia and South America his personal mission is to significantly contribute to the business and personal success of everyone he works with. Currently he is developing a new presentations experience for College and University students in the belief that the earlier people overcome the fear of presenting the more successful they will be. Based in both the UK and Spain, he is ready to travel to train anywhere in the world.


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