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February 3, 2018



I find being self-employed sometimes it’s hard to get motivated. But I’m astonished. I’ve been a member of a gym since about last September but only going occasionally. So a month ago I bought a year planner for the wall to keep track of the times I’ve been. As soon as I started putting green dots on the planner I wanted to add more.

That’s what’s been astonishing. The motivation that it’s given me to keep going. I just want to keep putting stickers on the chart. So even when I don’t want to, I’m motivated to go. I’ve got two young granddaughters who have charts on the wall for things their mother wants them to do, and it certainly works for them. But I wouldn’t have thought that it would work for me. But it does.

It’s got something to do with the visual aspect of it, and not wanting to have gaps in it. Almost as though I’m ‘reporting’ to myself. I’m now thinking of where else I can use the idea.

My question to you is, could it work for you too? Whether you’re self-employed or not. Maybe you’re already keeping a visual track of your achievements in some form. If not, my invitation is to have a go, whether it’s sales meetings, proposals, money earned, people contacted, or, just maybe, going to the gym! 

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