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What a wonderful life lesson...

May 22, 2018

I’ve recently done a speed awareness course having been caught doing 29 miles an hour in a 20 limit. It was actually a very good spend of 3 hours. I learnt a few things. Such as how to drive at 20 mph. Turns out that most of us were taught to drive up through the gears to reach top gear as quickly as possible. But this doesn’t work in a 20, you go too fast. So the idea is to use the gears: 10 mph for each gear which means you stay in second gear if you want to travel at 20 mph.

The other thing I learned was to look forward and to act on what’s happening in front of you, not behind. Particularly at 20mph when the rest of the world seems to want to travel faster. It’s good to focus on what’s happening in front. What a wonderful life lesson – forget the past, focus on the future.

But it also got me thinking about what it would be like if a hidden camera was watching us at work. What if a camera was watching you do a performance review, or handle a customer complaint, or inspire your team, or run a sales meeting with a prospect? How would we do? And wouldn’t it be helpful as a result if the ‘authorities’ decided that we needed to attend some training. As I write this I realise that it sounds very big brother. But it was intended to be helpful. If I knew that I was being watched for my competence I’d probably pay more attention to doing it well, if I’m honest.

I remember an orchestra conductor saying that he didn’t understand why people in business didn’t practice more. His comment was that an orchestra will practice for 5 hours for a 2-hour concert. Whereas people in business never seem to practice. They just get on with it. I wonder how much better we could be?

Just a thought. 

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