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Using humour in a business presentation – yes or no?

October 8, 2018

Mostly the answer will be yes. Unless it’s a very serious subject, or you’re unsure of how your audience might react to your humour. But we’re speaking of the humour that comes from situations and life – preferably your life. Not jokes. The problem with jokes is that they need to be told well to be funny, timing is crucial, and some of your audience may have heard them before. Comedians get away with it because that’s what the audience expects; that’s what they’ve paid to listen to. And comedians will have practiced for many hours to become so natural. 

On the other hand, a business audience expects to be informed, not entertained. If there’s natural humour in the presentation, that may be a bonus for them. If there are funny moments in your presentation, arising from everyday situations then allow the humour to come through. Or if you’re naturally funny, then allow that side of you to come out, depending on your audience and the subject. 

Remember that it’s up to you to enjoy your presentation, with or without the humour. Then you’ll seem comfortable and confident and that’s what every audience wants; and it’s a great place to be as a speaker. 


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