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Tailored coaching to the specific presentations your team needs to deliver

Do you have a team that needs to be more effective at presenting?

Choose our presentations coaching for teams.


We tailor the coaching to the specific presentations that the team need to deliver. We’ll also help with putting the presentation together. Teams that will benefit include sales, technical or pre-sales. Or teams getting ready for an exhibition or a product launch. Or executives presenting their business prior to a sale. Or marketeers delivering seminars. You can expect a confident and professional team performance as a result.

Our presentations coaching for teams will lift the confidence and performance of your team. Whether they’re presenting at a high level conference or to a local business. We will meet you to understand your business, the team and presentation to be delivered. Then we’ll choose the coach who’s the best fit for your team. All our coaches are experienced trainers and presenters with significant business and sales experience so you can be sure of a professional and effective result.

Talk to us, with no obligation, about your team and what it is they need to deliver. Prices will depend on what needs to be done and the experience of the team. Typically the financial investment is £1500 per day plus reasonable expenses.

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Compelling presentations

Any presentation will be judged by the audience on at least three elements: Clarity, Relevance and Interest. Is it clear what you’re saying – do we understand it? Is it relevant to us – can we see how what you’re saying will help us? Is it delivered in an interesting way – do we want to listen to it?

If it’s a sales presentation or a pitch then it needs to be not just interesting but compelling. This is much more challenging for those creating the presentation and success in this will only come from experience. This is where our presentations coaching for teams works well as we understand what’s required. For 35 years we’ve been helping individuals and teams to create and deliver outstanding presentations, so we know what’s needed in the real world. We’ve also been delivering our own seminars and pitches so we know what works and how to get ready for the event.

Content & structure

For a business presentation to do its job everything needs to work well. The content and the structure of the presentation need to be clear, relevant, and interesting, even compelling. What about the slides and other media – does it add to the clarity, relevance and interest? And then the speakers – are they confident, interesting and approachable? And do they know the presentation well enough to give it without the slides, if necessary?


One of the biggest failing we find with presenters is that they don’t want to practice. Typically they seem to believe that ‘thinking it through’ is good enough. If you’re presenting similar material every week then you will get away with ‘thinking it through’ on the way to the venue. But most people are not presenting every week and therefore are not practiced enough to make them really good. This is where our presentations coaching for teams will score highly because it forces the team to prepare properly and to practice. But practice by itself is not enough. You need the rigour of a good coach and honest helpful feedback if you want to be really good.


We use video feedback to show presenters in the team where their natural strengths are and where they can improve. Everyone in the team will go away from the coaching with their own SD memory card with their presentations. These become useful coaching tools for the future. But just watching themselves is not enough – it’s part of the process but they then need to actually be on their feet and practicing being stronger, or clearer or whatever needs to be done.

Flexible training

Presentations coaching for teams is a flexible way of training and coaching people who are presenting similar material and who want to be outstanding at what they do. As a businessperson you will know that anything outstanding has not just been put together yesterday. It requires much thought and work to get the content and structure right and then for the speakers to be practiced in the delivery. All this takes time and the more they can deliver it the better it will become provided they are willing to learn from each experience and make it better next time.


One of the benefits of our presentations for teams offering will create for your team is the desire to do it well, and how to achieve that when the agreed coaching period has finished. As a result of coming together in the coaching session they will experience honest feedback from their colleagues as well as helpful coaching from them. We can all do better for as Lindsey Buckingham (from Fleetwood Mac) remarked “If you’re any good at all you know you can be better”.

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